The Descent (For adults, sensitive material)

The first step was so easy,
Just open the door,
Ignore the warning sign,
That said, “Don’t go one step more!”

Rage is all the sanction that’s needed,
Human rights aren’t for all.
(The second step seemed less steep)
Who cares if we make prisoners crawl?

And so it went, step by step,
So easy, except for the heat;
The bottom step seemed to flicker and glow,
And it seemed a bit warm to the feet.

Here, food was used for rectal rape;
And prisoners moaned, pinned in stress positions.
A judge endlessly pounded her gavel,  droning “CLASSIFIED!”
Clearly, the transition from rights to torture, was the mission.

Who was the man at the bottom step?
It was a bit hard to tell…
But he was so warm and friendly,
As he said, “My friends, welcome to Hell!”

The Flaming Question: Dispute Resolution with Blither Bird

Down, down goes my followers’ snake,
Are followers dropping me
Or has Blither Bird spake?
Bless me Blither Bird, have I sinned?

Blither Bird: My child, what do you think
we think you might have done
to cause us to think you might
have violated Blither Bird rules?

This account is hereby: shadow banned,
suspended, monitored, shut down and wham-bammed,
Thank you Mamed until you confess your sins!

Dispute resolution method: /\ arm wrestling

#Americans4Assange To hold contradictions or not hold contradictions – THAT is the question!

IMO, The human species is not only capable of holding
contradictions – UK’s mock protection of Assange from US
torture while THEY continue to torture him (i.e. refusing
him his warm clothing in freezing temperatures); they also
pose as acting rationally, when they are, in fact, wildly
contradictory: a sort of verbal camouflage (i.e., assuming
him guilty, ignoring glaring evidence that he is innocent,
and not only imprisoning him, but torturing
him as well, while posturing as his protectors.)

Carrying these thoughts to larger societal-concerns,
I think epistemology ought to be integrated into the
education curriculum at the earliest appropriate
developmental level, using curriculum appropriate to
the age level. The human species is capable of rational
thinking. It is the responsibility of the educational system
to help the young student develop this hugely important
part of his/her mind.

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His cell was the size of a parking space,
The small high window was painted black.
Cockroaches and rodents scurried in haste,
To lick filthy water from crusty cracks.

How many blankets would it take?
How many sweaters? coats?
How many suicides? How many deaths?
To warm a keeper’s soul?

When your bones clatter with cold
And you beg for a bit of heat
How do you put Covid-19 on hold
When you realise heat is for the elite?

When your world is a broken toilet,
And the sky is blotted out with dirty paint,
Inmates, prisoners, citizens, place your bet
These keepers are not saints!

How many blankets would it take?
How many sweaters? coats?
How many suicides? How many deaths?
To warm a keeper’s soul?

#Poets4Assange #Americans4Assange #FREEASSANGENOW


The pretty flower bent its head,
Standing in its flower bed,
Just blooming in the sun –
It was a marvel how
Quickly the thing was done!

Blither Bird planted a sign
It was unverified as it was unkind:
WARNING! Unusual Activity Reported Here.
Flower asked, what did I do? Oh, dear!
Some say Blither Bird didn’t answer

But just flew to the birdbath
And ordered a beer!

The Stun Gun Lunge of the Year 2021

Update: I wrote this poem years ago when the stun gun began to be used. This man is not a dangerous criminal (See – Native American Marine tased by park ranger) but he was treated like one. The device is just so easy to use; and it’s so easy for a poorly trained policeman to forget the approved procedure of arrest when a click of a button can bring a person screaming at law enforcement’s feet. Women have been tazed for refusing to put on masks in the pandemic after explaining they have asthma. This device, wrongly used, can become judge, jury and verdict/sentence; and if you have a weak heart or pacemaker, it can be your final judge.

Let me tell you the story
Of a man named, Fool.
He thought he had free speech,
and that his pen was his tool.

Better take stock, Doc,
or your in for a shock.

They dragged him into court,
but they couldn’t keep him quiet.
He shouted, ‘I’ve committed no crime! ‘
They charged, ‘You tried to start a riot! ‘

They’ve got the gun, son,
They can stun!

The judge pounded his gavel. ‘You are
charged with writing a fusillade
of ideas criticizing our great leader,
who was choosen by God!

‘Try to hide, Clyde,
or you’ll get fried!

The judge ordered the guard,
‘Activate the device.’
‘Don’t stun me – I’m bound hand and foot! ‘
The guard pressed the button,
and Fool paid the price!

Writhing and moaning as if in some
invisible Hell, the prisoner fell.
A man in the courtroom spoke.
‘Was it right to use it? Was it justified?
Look at those spasms! He might have died!

Better conform norm or it could get warm.

The judge’s glared. His nostrils flared
The man retreated a few steps.
The guard stared.

Head for the ditch, Rich,
or you may do the e-twitch.

Stay on track, Mack,
or your gonna’ get zapped.

So be careful, my friend,
before you take that plunge,
or you may be dancin’
The Stun Gun Lunge! ‘

A Bouquet for Assange – The Flowers Speak

If truth were a flower,
It would bask in the sun
A thing of beauty
A threat to none.

But truth is a searchlight
Surpassing the sun,
Unveiling secrets – secrets that
Can leave liars undone!

Freesia – innocence
Rose – Transparency of intent
English Bluebell – Constancy, purity
English Daisy – Innocence

Anemones – Protect against evil
Sunflower – Dedication
Snapdragon – Protect against lies
Aster – Wisdom
Nasturtium (red) – Courage, Passion
Gladiolus – Sincerity, Strength of Character
Echinacea – Healing