UK foreign minister taunts political refugee to give up asylum (twitter/wikileaks) ~OO~ Oh Dear Something’s Wrong! (see next tweet after this one)

UK minister dares Julian Assange to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy – when I clicked on it, I got an error message…error? Technical problem? Or the cowardly little rat who used the justice system to threaten a sanctuary seeker, scuttled back to his sewer?

That’s as far as I got, when a UK sewer rat informed me I was being sued by the United UK Sewer Rats Union for defamation of character! He said no self respecting sewer rat had anything to do with the UK foreign minister’s sewer pipes.

All right! Okay! I apologize!

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How many miles to Kremlin Town?

And any truth there that may be found?

If you go by Politically Correct way, it takes MANY a day,

But by Assange’s Pond, it’s just a short way.


*The investigation committee talks about conclusions and confidence, but what about facts and evidence? Trump may have a point here. Assange offered to meet with them and said he had evidence to show that the material didn’t come from Russia. The US could still take advantage of his offer.

*Trump says he believes Putin that Russia didn’t interfere in election (Yahoo news, July 16, 2018)

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The Scapegoat (Clerihew Verse*)


Guccifer Gander

Tell me in all candor,

Did you interfere with U.S. votes?

Don’t call me Gander – when they just made me the goat!


The history of the concept “goat: or “scapegoat” is interesting: For example, Leviticus 16:22, “The goat will carry on itself all their sins…” It seems to me these days US security agencies try to load the “sins” on the backs of the whistleblowers – and too, too, often they succeed!

If you would like to write a Clerihew Verse, Shadow has a clear explanation with samples.

He Says It’s Not Written in Stone!*

Guccifer, Guccifer Gander.

Whither didst thy wander?

(Look, J.A. offered to willingly share evidence…)

(Mulish et al – In regard to J.A., we’re not looking for evidence

So much as facts with a favorable spin on it

For one of our goals: In this instance, the goal

Being to blacken whistleblowers in the

Court of Public Opinion.)

Upstairs, downstairs,

in M’Lady’s E-Mails?


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(revised July 14, 2018)


Casting Shadows


(Courtesy of

Writhing shadows blend and mix,

Like the earth caught up in an eclipse,

Squinting, blinded in the umbra of the sun,

When a man in black suddenly cries,


Immigration Enriches the Warp and Woof of the Fabric of Culture

Encountering new cultures can be a rewarding adventure. To me there is often a richness in the mingling of cultures. For example, the sharing of world views, great literature, poetry, food and drink. Language is often expanded with new words and phrases, sound, rhythm and meaning;  not to mention, folklore, such as Anansi, the trickster spider who has delighted children everywhere and who has captured the heart of continent after continent. Few are the ADULTS who have not laughed over his antics.

All cultures should be built on a foundation dedicated to protecting human rights: An unshakeable foundation, built on bricks such as: “A ‘right’ is a moral principle defining a man’s freedom of action in a social context.” (Ayn Rand “Man’s Rights” Ayn Rand Lexicon)

It is awesome to think, that Anansi may not have been able to persuade the Sky God, Nyame (who owned ALL the stories in the world) to share, if he did not have freedom of action in a social context!

All joking aside, with a bedrock foundation that protects human freedom, cultural mingling can be a joyous adventure.

The Case of the Law-locked Cops

.What dire offence from non-am’rous causes springs,

What mighty contests rise from trivial things,

She sings this verse to her lawyer, to whom an explanation is due:

And any patron who may vouchsafe her point of view.

Perhaps he touched not her, but her shimmering locks?

Mayhap he took scissors and he snipped one off,


Then placed it in a silvery pouch

So he could pin it over his heart!

But, she might ask: If someone could tell me please,

Why was I arrested when HE touched ME?


Modified piggy back poem: The Rape of the Lock, Alexander Pope

Land and Human Rights

The United Nation’s Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner (5/108) states, “Land is not a mere commodity, but an essential element for  the regulation of many human rights.”

One may not agree with the concept of the United Nations, but I think many would agree with the above statement.

Being connected with the earth is crucial for human life. It is the foundation for all other rights. Non criminal Illegal immigrants have been deprived of this basic right, in their country, and are forced to seek refuge on another part of the earth. That’s all any human being has under his/her feet – is this earth.

Yet, often, they are cursed, vilified and in various ways, their humanity is denigrated. Isn’t it time we started thinking about the powers that be that cause them to flee their own native land? Yet, these monsters who have usurped the powers of government meant to protect human rights, can go merrily on, plundering rights and property, while a people flee in terror.

I Protest the Irresponsible Treatment of Illegal Immigrants.*

These detention camps are illegal in that they don’t meet acceptable and humane  civilized standards. They should be shut down immediately. The lack of medical resources alone makes one hope and pray there will not be a serious outbreak of disease. These people are being treated poorly and are under considerable stress – which is said to weaken the immunity system. Sanitary conditions are primitive: i.e. babies returned to their parents after several months are dirty and covered with lice. This is a recipe for disaster! People talk about abortions being immoral. Well, hey, that poor lady who miscarried because the camp was not able to give her medical care, WANTED her baby.

See: My heart aches: …(Business Insider, – Above is my posted comment on site.)

Edited July 9, 2018