The Trojan Bear – Beware Geeks Bearing Bits

Hear the Russian Bear,

Growling out his cyberwarfare,

With executed plans to sabotage cyberware,

Submitting fake comments everywhere.


Watch as he rises and sniffs,

And into our cloudware he claws and dips,

Searching, and hoping to find,

Ways to bend the American mind,

Into not believing in freedom for humankind!


Foolish Americans, laughs the bear,

They see danger everywhere,

And shout, Take Care, Take Care,

Even with harmless, little Russian Teddy Bears!


Piggyback song/poem: Dark Eyes


Hillary’s Stickery Clickery And POTUS To Be, Makes a Plea

Hillary, dillary dock,

*July 2016, is the day Trump stopped the clock,

With, – Russia if you’re listening –

Please find the 30,000 emails that are missing.

The clock struck one, here comes Spicer on the run

Chiming, Trump’s just having a bit of fun!

*Spicer: Trump was “joking” when he asked Russia to hack Clinton.” (CNN Politics, June 26, 2017 By Dan Merica)

Bravo for the Three Mouses’ Ears! They went snooping where they were supposed to snoop. We had a Trojan Bear in our midst and didn’t know it!





Grandma’s “Mad”

“Grandma = Russian Bot”

Dad said you see it a lot.

A commenter will call you a name,

Just to tick you off or pin on blame.

But Grandma got mad,

And felt the commenter was evil and bad.

Dad urged her to delete it.

He said if she answered him, he’d just repeat it.

Grandma seemed to agree,

But I knew better than to leave.

After Dad left, I got a peek at the message Grandma sent,

“Sanction-dodgers who  live in glass kiosks

Hiding among the trees and bosques

Shouldn’t click on Russian script dip.”

I looked to see if Grandma was still mad,

But she just sat there grinning like she was glad!

Way down in *Lizard, Arizona, where the sand drifts free,
In the desert night when the winds stampede,
The **Chameleon sings his lament among the tumbleweeds.
The radiant moonbeams spill all around, but they pay no heed,
To an old, cantankerous chameleon in an endless sandy sea,
Who changes his colors every time he takes a different stand,
And who never thought he had to share his talents, along with man.
***Law officials state if immigrants came here legally, as planned,
If rules were followed, then there would be no problems in this here land.
But ICE says only serious criminals should be deported,
But 1/2 are rounded up for minor violations, it’s reported.
Oh, immigrants should follow rules, but not officials, Chameleon retorted.
In Lizard, law enforcement colors, change according to where they stand.
This is okay for chameleons, but what about man?

So he sings his lament among the tumbleweeds.
The Chameleons’ Creed: Change your colors when you must. In nature
put your trust.

Lizard, Arizona Law Enforcement Creed: It’s okay to break the rules when convenient.
Change your colors when expedient.


*The town of Lizard, Arizona is meant to be fictional.

**Chameleon is a fictional character and is not meant to resemble any chameleon living or dead.

***An excellent article on this problem is in (Long Beach, CA) Press
Telegram: When local officials go rogue on immigration sweeps by Ruben

Note: This poem was written several years ago when I read the above article. However, not much has changed. See, for example: On immigration, it’s business as usual (The Mercury News (2/15/2017.)

Elizabeth Warren, A Role Model For Dignity Under Fire

After reading online article, “Elizabeth Warren Finally Addresses Native American Heritage, Rips Trump for Pocahontas’ Jabs”, I think it’s too bad political figures such as Sen. Warren must put up with such absurdities. I appreciate her sharing her family story with the public. Also she provides a role model with her gracious, well written prose in contrast to some of the comments on the article, which border on brutal.

A Therwuzza Poem

There was a deputy mayor,

Who resigned because he felt he was a failure,

He had copied a message from some stupid baboon,

Who equated immigrant human dignity with  rabid racoons,

In the language of a drunken railer!


(based on “New Jersey Official Resigns After Uproar Over Racist Facebook Post – At least he had the grace to apologize.




$$$$—-Leprechaun Justice

Elf courtroom was in session,
The judge wore a robe of green,
“I’ll teach this crook a lesson,
I’ll put him away where he can’t be seen!”

Thus ranted the golden-voice prosecutor,
As in the courtroom, the prisoner stood.
“He’ll pay for being a looter.
Why he’s nothing but a hood!”

Piled high, the loot lay on a table,
Pots of gold, and shimmering emerald shamrocks,
A treasure of legend and fable,
Which the prisoner tried to hock!

An angry murmur surged through the crowd
Dressed in holiday finery. For it was St. Patrick’s Day,
And some carried signs. Their voices grew loud.
The judge pounded the gavel. “Let JUSTICE have its say!

The crowd spirited the prisoner away as he awaited trial,
To give him a taste of justice in the streets.
They took him to the countryside, beating him for a mile,
Then stripped him and dipped him in tar, shoulder deep.

The next day in court, the judge was gone and people stared, amazed,
For the gold had turned to brass and the shamrocks to trash!
Their minds in a haze, they wandered off, dazed,
To the echo of Leprechaun laughter, bold and brash!

With a sign stuck in the trash,

He who devalues the gold of justice

Shall instead reap brass!


Note: I read a news article approximately 2012 in which a crowd in the USA as I recall, actually took a man on  trial and dipped him shoulder deep in tar after beating him. I was unable to find the article when I searched for it.