The Descent (For adults, sensitive material)

The first step was so easy,
Just open the door,
Ignore the warning sign,
That said, “Don’t go one step more!”

Rage is all the sanction that’s needed,
Human rights aren’t for all.
(The second step seemed less steep)
Who cares if we make prisoners crawl?

And so it went, step by step,
So easy, except for the heat;
The bottom step seemed to flicker and glow,
And it seemed a bit warm to the feet.

Here, food was used for rectal rape;
And prisoners moaned, pinned in stress positions.
A judge endlessly pounded her gavel,  droning “CLASSIFIED!”
Clearly, the transition from rights to torture, was the mission.

Who was the man at the bottom step?
It was a bit hard to tell…
But he was so warm and friendly,
As he said, “My friends, welcome to Hell!”

Shadow Sh*t

I drift off to Shadowland
Am I seen or am I banned?

Columns rise, columns fall,
Are they connected to truth at all?

A humbled penumbra,
Or a targeted antumbra?

I ask myself, is it real,
Or just another man-made drill?

Is there a choice?
Have I a voice?

Who speaks, which voice?
True mates – or

The Shadow State’s?

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Revised September 29, 2020
Extensively revised September 22, 2021

Thoughts on “Disinformation” and What It Means

IMO, in today’s context, disinformation is not so much concerned with
that which is false; rather it is concerned with that
which challenges politically correct false narrative – i.e. – truth.

Therefore, it seems to me, disinformation is actually, or can
be in part, truth.*

Mr. President, there are a cloud of bats waiting to see you about
being eligible for free vaccinations? Are they disinformed?

  • revised September 10, 2021

Said sly Fox, don’t pay No mind to Brer Owl and his DANGEROUS THOUGHTS!

When I tried to share this tweet on twitter,
the words were enlarged so one couldn’t read the
full quote:

“If a society is to be free, its government
has to be controlled.” Ayn Rand. When I tried to tweet it
the image was so big words were blocked. So I tried to
tweet it again and a notice came:

“We can’t complete this request because this
link has been identified by twitter or our partners
as being potentially harmful.” Then why did it go through
in distorted form when I first tweeted it? Could
this be less about a possibly harmful link and more about
silencing controversial political ideas?

Looking up twitter rules, most of the
“potentially harmful” were composed of entities I would
not like to meet up with in a dark alley.

I had the same experience with my pinned Assange tweet,
This is not about do you agree with Assange or Rand. This
is about censorship.

The lines between what’s private and what’s government
are no longer clear-cut i.e. social media giants are getting
instructions from government to control “disinformation”.

Therefore I put the quote on my profile along with my pinned
Assange quote. They say more about who I am than any words.

EDITED! – the New Censorship? The Bad Commenter Strikes Back!

Justice symbolized by the Statue of Liberty has not failed us. It’s up to us to make those ideals a reality. For example we unjustly persecute acclaimed journalist Julian Assange.

“Justice is blind” does 🗽
Not mean she can’t see. Justice
Demands Assange be freed!

When I tried to publish this on Washington Post to comment on the article about the Statue of Liberty as hypocritical it went to error page which read in part bad comment. (I tried to publish it twice -same result)

The Bad Commenter strikes back!

Metaphorically speaking, I took it out of the bad comment trash, and smoothed it out; but when I tried to publish my by now (figuratively speaking) crunched up raggedy comment on twitter, they watered it down to:

“Justice symbolized by the Statue of Liberty has not failed us. It’s up to us to make those ideals a reality. For example we unjustly persecute acclaimed journalist Julian Assange. They disappeared part of my tweet re Washington Post! (Instead of CENSORED! Should it be stamped EDITED!?)
I deliberately had saved the comment because I had to rewrite it and didn’t want to have to do it again.

…and the comment finished with my haiku:

“Justice is blind” does
Not mean she can’t see. Justice
Demands Assange be freed!


Her shoes were pristine –
White and spotless – they gleammed!
She remembered the alligator’s wet bellow,
Vast, echoing,its unwavering eyes, golden, yellow…

She’d screamed, tripped when she tried to run.
He’d bent down scooped her up and slung
her over his shoulder. He ran from the sounds,
He ran from the terrible eyes, he ran,,,ran
In his great leaping bounds…

Out of the swamp, past the brush, to the boat!
Now there they sat, staring into the night, wild with hope!

(edited, extensively revised answer to Melissa Quigley prompt)

*Ansassy Stories (Anonsi’s cousin 3Xs Removed)

The Adventures of
Ansassy the Spider and the Spy God
(Pint-Sized Stories)

Spy God *illegally
Detained Spider Ansassy
To obtain info.

*Extraordinary Rendition

I’m innocent
Ansassy shouted!
They swatted him into the wall.

How do you make your escapes
They asked? (no answer), Ansassy
Was waterboarded.

I’ll show you how he gasped!
And spun a thread to outside.
Come back they cried!

Come back? Ansassy clicked,
I’d rather kiss an anemic
Flea – SHRIEEE! SHRIEEE! Chrrrrk…

D*mn said Spy God, no
Chance for torture – or rectal
Feedings, cold box…


He had big dark eyes,
Curly black hair,
The ten year old

Found dead at the side
Of the old dirt road.

His organs of vision fissioned
Into dreams of death in collision
With the sweet-eyed young boy

Found dead at the side of the
Weed-escorted, dusty, old road.

Photo by Marina Shatskih from Pexels

courtesy of pexels