Privacy and Me

Privacy to me 
Means the government
Knows to respect my rights.
Privacy to me 
Means putting blinders
On FVEY’s.
Privacy to me
Means teaching the State

What privacy means to me.


What privacy means to me…

Privacy is a tree,

Verdant walled, with green willowy leaves

That billow in the air

And dance with the breeze.


Solitary Confinement is a rock,

Opaque, hard, a granite clot,

Manacles of the soul,

Fetters of the heart.




Thoughts on: Special Education Kids Missing from Charter Schools via @capitalandmain @UTLAnow

As a retired children center/ public elementary teacher/ mentor teacher, IMO when  special ed kids are missing, a vital student enrichment of experiencing the full spectrum of human differences is also missing. There is a shrinkage in the richness of the educational experience.

Students divided

Need to be reunited.

Students excluded

Need to be re-included.





#Poets4Assange More Punch and Judy Justice

*The judge in the Manning case said, “$1000 a day fines against her” (Manning) “did not  amount to **punishment.”  One of the ways the Deep State has won such cases, is by financially disemboweling the victim! 
Here is another judge who thinks its okay to kick our Constitution around like a soccer ball; who thinks people will swallow any court pronouncement so long as the judge brays it.
U.S. Constitution Eighth Amendment: “excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed”.
*Consortium News: New Fears for Julian Assange
** USLegal /Punishment Law and Legal Definition: Punishment is the infliction of some kind of pain or loss upon a person for a misdeed.