The Descent (For adults, sensitive material)

The first step was so easy,
Just open the door,
Ignore the warning sign,
That said, “Don’t go one step more!”

Rage is all the sanction that’s needed,
Human rights aren’t for all.
(The second step seemed less steep)
Who cares if we make prisoners crawl?

And so it went, step by step,
So easy, except for the heat;
The bottom step seemed to flicker and glow,
And it seemed a bit warm to the feet.

Here, food was used for rectal rape;
And prisoners moaned, pinned in stress positions.
A judge endlessly pounded her gavel,  droning “CLASSIFIED!”
Clearly, the transition from rights to torture, was the mission.

Who was the man at the bottom step?
It was a bit hard to tell…
But he was so warm and friendly,
As he said, “My friends, welcome to Hell!”

*Ansassy Stories (Anonsi’s cousin 3Xs Removed)

The Adventures of
Ansassy the Spider and the Spy God
(Pint-Sized Stories)

Spy God *illegally
Detained Spider Ansassy
To obtain info.

*Extraordinary Rendition

I’m innocent
Ansassy shouted!
They swatted him into the wall.

How do you make your escapes
They asked? (no answer), Ansassy
Was waterboarded.

I’ll show you how he gasped!
And spun a thread to outside.
Come back they cried!

Come back? Ansassy clicked,
I’d rather kiss an anemic
Flea – SHRIEEE! SHRIEEE! Chrrrrk…

D*mn said Spy God, no
Chance for torture – or rectal
Feedings, cold box…


He had big dark eyes,
Curly black hair,
The ten year old

Found dead at the side
Of the old dirt road.

His organs of vision fissioned
Into dreams of death in collision
With the sweet-eyed young boy

Found dead at the side of the
Weed-escorted, dusty, old road.

Photo by Marina Shatskih from Pexels

courtesy of pexels

Quack! Quake!

I tried to answer an insulter
Who called Assange supporters, cultists,
But twitter whisked me away,
So I didn’t have my say,

Which is:
If a cultist is one
Who stands by none
Who will publish false news, just
to gain a fat buck…

Or, if a cultist is one
Who denounces those who would throw truth under the bus,
And denounces those who would let a whistleblower be jailed, no fuss
while they make big bucks, call me a cultist if you must,
But THEY are no good CeNsOrEd

(hint – rhymes with ducks)

Heroes in Rags

You might not know it, but there’s a hero passing by.
That warrior with a white cane and a dog that’s a seeing eye.

See that lady with amputated feet, crawling on all fours.
The city destroyed her wheelchair and she can’t walk anymore.

Homeless people, freezing in the winter
Praying for warm sunny days to re-enter…

While the ghoul, Ridicule, stalks
And the fool, Skepticism, talks –

Too lazy to work! (s)he’s just trying to get sympathy.
Take a closer look – could that be a hero in need of empathy?

(edited March 24, 2021)